The Fehn


  • Is it hard to set the Fehn up?

    No! Just a few simple adjustments allow you to adjust the Fehn to suit your body.    To benefit fully from using the Fehn and to optimize your comfort, we strongly suggest you follow these instructions on our setup page.  Spending just a few minutes setting some critical adjustments will allow you to take advantage of the full range of comfortable positions the Fehn offers, and will help bring some movement, fun, energy, and health back into your workday.

  • Does my height/weight matter?

    Built in adjustments allow to Fehn to be customized to suit a wide range of heights, weights, body types, and working styles.

    The Fehn Standard Model has a maximum safe weight capacity of 250lbs and can be adjusted to suit heights between 4’11”and 6’1”.  The Fehn Extended Height Model has a maximum safe weight capacity of 300lbs and can be adjusted to suit heights between 5’6” and 6’5”.   If you need a chair that accommodates height and weight ranges outside of our current two models, please contact to discuss a custom order.

  • How much room do I need to fit the Fehn?

    Though the Fehn looks bigger than many traditional office chairs, when the Fehn is setup under your desk properly, its footprint is similar to that of a traditional task chair such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair.   Many people find that they actually save space when using the Fehn, because they can flip the chair under the desk when standing and don’t need to have multiple pieces of furniture (a stool, a chair, exercise ball, etc) in order to stay comfortable while working.  It is important that you have the right desk for the Fehn to fit and function properly in your office. Please review these desk compatibility specs or contact us at to confirm desk fit before purchasing a Fehn.

  • Will the The Fehn work with any standing desk?

    The Fehn is designed to fit most common adjustable height standing desks. The Fehn is designed for movement and a standing desk is needed in order to use the Fehn comfortably and take advantage of its unique movement inspiring features. As a result, the Fehn is not compatible with a traditional height desk.   Please carefully review these desk compatibility specs before purchasing the Fehn. You can also contact us at if you have questions about desk fit.

  • Is shipping included?

    Yes, shipping is included in the price of purchase for all orders within the USA and Canada?.

    Please contact us for questions about international shipping costs.

  • Can you ship anywhere in the world?

    Currently, shipping is limited to the United States of America, but we are working on expanding to International markets

  • Is there a discount for volume orders?

    If you are ordering 4 or more Fehn chairs, enter discount code “bulkdiscount” at checkout to receive $100 off each Fehn.

    If you are purchasing the Fehn for a business please contact

  • What is your return policy?

    If you try the Fehn and don’t agree that it is the most comfortable way you have ever worked, return it to us within 30 days, in its original condition, for a full refund. See our full warranty and return policy here

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